My furbaby turned 5!

Did I really throw a birthday party for my Great Dane/lab baby, Colby? Well… YES. YES I DID, and it was so much fun! I spent about a day yelping the best bars in Houston that is also dog friendly. Who knew there were so many in Houston?! I’ve only been to one bar in Houston that was dog friendly, Revolver Houston, and that was for another dog’s birthday party. Anyways, one bar stood out to me during my research, Underdog Pub. Not only is this place a bar, it’s also dog friendly that lets your dog off the leash. Like seriously, they’re allowed to roam anywhere they please, even behind the bar!

My small pup, Chloe, followed me to the bathroom! It was like I was at a dog park, but there’s alcohol. The drinks were very reasonably priced. Their beer of the week was $2, and shots were $7 or less. They also have pie shots, and those were delicious! The only downside was that there were no food here. BUT there’s no rules that says you can’t bring your own food, so we ordered Dominos. During the planning process, I thought hmm… maybe I’ll just have Colby’s birthday at Revolver Houston so that the hooman guests will have food to munch down on. {Side note: their food is pretty good, I came on a Sunday and had their brunch and it was also crawfish season at the time. Their crawfish was $2.99 a lb and included potatoes and corn! Such a steal compared to the Vietnamese Cajun restaurants} But anyways, if anyone knew Colby, they’d know that he hates being on a leash because we have to keep his gentle leader on to prevent him from pulling too much. (BTW, he’s 105 pounds) So keeping that in mind, I thought screw it, I’ll have it at Underdog pub so Colby can be happy. After all, it is his birthday. 

I had balloons with dog faces on them, party horns, doggie birthday cake and goodie bags. Inside each goody bag was a small treat bag and a toy for the dogs, and a bigger treat bag with puppy chow for the hoomans. I think I may have went a little bit overboard with the party but oh well! He had fun, the other dogs had fun, and the hoomans had fun as well! I’d say it was a successful day!


Each goodie bag had a toy, some dog treats, and human treats.


I made a healthy cake for Colby and his puppy friends.


Needless to say, he loved it.
This birthday card is also edible!
“Mommy, I think there’s more stuff in here”
“Yepps, there’s definitely more stuff in here”
Colby loved all the gifts his pals gave him!
Thank you everyone for coming to Colby’s birthday party!

So out of all the dog friendly bars, I narrowed it down to Underdog and Revolver for different reasons. Underdog was a off leash bar, the downside was that there were no food. Revolver had food but not off leash, but it made the cut above the other bars because the floor was not gravel which would have been so dirty for the dogs. 

Here’s a short list of dog friendly bars in Houston. (There’s still a ton more I didn’t list)

xoxo Catherine

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