How the Keto diet worked for me… until it didn’t

The Keto diet is a low to no carb diet while intaking high fat and an adequate amount of proteins. I know, how do you lose weight by eating fat?! Let me tell you, this was one of my favorite diet. I could eat all the bacon I wanted, all the cheese I wanted, but I couldn’t eat bread or rice. That was kind of ok because I just made tons of keto bread (Oopsie bread) and made lots of cauliflower as replacements for rice and pizzas. I’ll post some  of my favorite recipes below.

So basically, this diet works because after a certain amount of time without carbohydrates, our body turns fat into fatty acids and ketones. Ketones will then be processed into ATP, which is what our body uses for energy. You also have to constantly check to see if you are in ketosis. You can buy ketone strips at the health section at most stores. If you’re still confused on how this works, I suggest doing some more research because I am definitely not a master nutritionist.

When I started this diet, I had been struggling with losing weight. I would work out literally every day. I followed a work out plan, I ate somewhat clean, but nothing was happening. I lost about 5 pounds and then that was it. Nothing else. With this diet, I was able to get to my all time low weight (at the time). I was so happy when I stepped on that scale, I literally ran to my boyfriend and hugged him because he was the one who introduced this diet to me and he was doing it with me as well. Bless him for being so supportive. No way would I have been able to be on this diet if he was sitting across from me eating a nice burger with buns and french fries. Plus, I was super skeptical about this diet because I just didn’t see the logic in how I could lose weight by eating fat… While on this diet I was losing about half a pound every other day.

So, I was on this diet for about three weeks in preparation for a big event that I was going to. After that, I thought I deserved a break and went back to my normal eating routine for about a month. Then, I was back on it. This time however, I was not losing half a pound every other day like I did the first time. We were eating everything the same way, I was checking my ketones, but for some reason, my body would not hit ketosis. After about a week, I gave up. I saw no point in continuing the diet if I haven’t hit ketosis yet. That was the end of an era for me.

Here’s some of my favorite keto recipes!

  • Oopsie bread (Bread substitute) I loved this recipe because it was so cheap and easy to make. It didn’t exactly have the same texture as bread, but I made a sandwich for lunch out of this everyday! We also made Philly cheesesteak and meatball subs out of this too!
  • Fajita stuffed chicken – Seriously, this recipe was actually pretty awesome. We just added some sour cream, pico, and lettuce on the side as well.
  • Low carb chicken nuggets
  • Cauliflower pizza
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Breakfast bacon and egg cups – This was my favorite breakfast recipe because it was so easy to do and you could make enough for a whole week! Just heat one or two of them up in the morning and you’re good to go!

There’s definitely a ton of other recipes you could try, these were just a couple of my favorites. Everyone’s body react differently and loses weight differently. This diet worked for me until it didn’t. If you do decide to try this diet, let me know if you like it and if it worked for you!

Sun dried tomato shrimp with zucchini pasta
Breakfast cupcakes


xoxo Catherine

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