Merry Christmas

We didn’t have a Christmas tree this year at my apt or my parent’s house so we decided to go to city hall to take pics there. The one year we decide to take pics outside, it was soooo cold! Good thing family pictures means getting in close because they definitely warmed me up.

So I got this dress from a website called Gamiss. Pretty sure it’s a Chinese website because everything is so cheap and it takes forever for the items to get to you. Ok, maybe not forever but definitely a couple weeks. Normally, I stay away from sites that ships from China, but almost everything I’ve ever ordered from here turned out great! (I shop here a lot too). Now you know my secret! (Haha) So the dress I’m wearing is $16.50 ish and I bought it during black Friday when ebates was giving back 25%, so I only paid about $12 for it! (such a steal imo). Anyways, ebates normally gives back 12.5%, so check out the site!

If you still don’t know about ebates, read about it on my blog here. There’s also a link for you to get $10 cash. 🙂 Happy shopping!


IMG_6671IMG_6717 2IMG_6710IMG_6708IMG_6711IMG_6719 2IMG_6696



Here’s cute picture of my parents. ❤

Dress: Gamiss | Shoes: Macy’s | Jacket: Forever 21 | Watch: Burberry | Bracelet: Cartier | Ring: Kate Spade


xoxo Catherine

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